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Kaitlyn Mosley      
Elections Administrator


516 Fourth Street B-1

Graham, Texas, 76450     


Fax: 940-221-2104 


Email: k.mosley@youngcounty.org.

Application to Print and Mail




Potential Candidates DOWNLOAD CTA and CFCP forms. These must be filed with the Election Administrator. 

Qualifications to run for office

Voters with Special Circumstances:

In order to vote a ballot by mail, a voter must be 65 or older, have a disability (a sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from appearing at the polling place on election day without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or of injuring the voter's health {Texas Election Code Sec. 82.002a}), be out of the county during voting times, or in jail. 

Military and Overseas Voters                         Student Voters                                Voters with Special Needs


Application for Ballot by Mail







DISTRICT UNOFFICIAL ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS  **not available for local elections**

  Voters who have voted