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General Information

Original jurisdiction over all probate cases in Young County is vested in the Constitutional County Court of Young County, which is presided over by the County Judge.  There is no statutory probate court in Young County.
Currently probates are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday. (Subject to Change) However, alternative days and times may be scheduled upon request.
In order to schedule a case for probate, please contact the County Court Administrator, Ms. Timi Hall. Please give information regarding any special circumstances if known.  Ms. Hall’s contact information is as follows:

    Ms. Timi Hall
    Young County Court Administrator

    516 Fourth Street Rm 108
    Graham, Texas 76450

Telephone:  940/549-2030
Fax:  940/521-9482


Court instructions pertaining to various types of probate proceedings as well as other information may be obtained from the links below.