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The County Court of Young County, Texas is a constitutional County Court presided over by the County Judge.  With respect to criminal matters, it has exclusive original jurisdiction over misdemeanors with fines greater than $500 or jail sentences of up to one year.
Criminal cases are normally heard on Wednesdays, but alternative dates and times may be available upon request.  The Court attempts to make sure that all current docket postings are made available on this website.  However, each defendant and his attorney and bondsman are individually responsible for keeping track of required court appearances.
Timi Hall, the County Court Administrator can provide most information regarding pending settings.  Ms. Hall's contact information is as follows:
Timi Hall
Young County Court Administrator
516 Fourth Street
Graham, Texas 76450
Telephone:  940/549-2030
Fax:  940/521-9482

If you have a case pending in county court and are indigent, but desire the services of an attorney, you may apply for a court appointed attorney by completely filling out the following document and returning it to the Court Administrator at the above address:
If you are a defendant and wish to discuss your case or negotiate a resolution of the any charges, you should contact the offices of the county attorney.  However, you should be aware that the County Attorney is not allowed to discuss your case with you until after you have been arraigned.


Local Rules Pertaining to Defendants on Bond

Please be advised that the county judge and his staff cannot speak to defendants or witnesses pertaining to cases before the court.  Further, the County Judge and his staff are prohibited by law from providing legal advice to defendants pertaining to cases before the court.  If you have questions regarding the law applicable to your case, consult a private attorney or apply for a court appointed attorney.